Sweet Love

My Grandpa went into open-heart surgery a week ago and I am happy to say that he is at home and doing well. But I wanted to publish this post as a tribute to their love - this picture was taken a day after surgery and in those eyes shows love unconditional. I love my grandparents very much and am so thankful for the blessing they are to me and the example they set even in the most difficult of times. I thank the Lord for them and continue to be wowed by their marriage before Him. My uncle described this picture as love that 1000 words could not describe - I agree! Love you Gpa and Gma!

Cousin Brookyln

Little Brooklyn came five weeks early, so we spent the first visit watching her through glass at the NICU. It was so amazing to finally get to hold her last week - she is so tiny and cuddly and makes the cutest little noises while she sleeps. Kaylee really loved to hold, but of course, was quickly drawn away to go play with Conner. Daniel and I fought over her though :) We love you Brooklyn!!

Cousin Miles

It was such a joy to have Jolee and David come out last month to visit for a week. It was the first time we got to see little Miles and it was love at first sight :) Kaylee loved watching her little cousin and really enjoyed holding him, as she asks to do with all babies she sees. I love how he looks exactly like his daddy and has a great smile! Just wait a year and Kaylee and Miles will be inseperable and running around everywhere - she will teach him everything she knows I am sure! Thanks for coming to visit Miles!


It's been a while

Well, times have been really crazy, and I haven't posted for quite some time. Sorry! Kaylee is growing so fast though and I wanted to post some pictures from this last month. She is talking like crazy and uses full sentences. She is also very active and independent. These pics date back to Christmas too :)



It's funny, because the last two years we put just as much effort into Kaylee's costume and making sure she "enjoyed" Halloween, but we had no idea how much our little girl would enjoy it now that she is older. With the encouragement of her older cousin, Conner, Kaylee quickly understood going to all the houses, knocking on doors, saying "Twick or Tweet", getting candy, and saying "Thank You." We managed to walk several streets (enough to retire poor pregnant Britt a little early) and had to fill our pockets with her candy to keep her Elmo bucket from weighing 10 lbs. As soon as one house was done and they were walking down the driveway, Kaylee would say, "Next door, more candy!" It is also amazing how unafraid she is right now of all the ghosts, goblins, giant spiders, and monsters - we will see how many years that lasts :) Anyway, we love our little Hula Girl and enjoyed watching her and our little Knight nephew on this fun night :)


Daniel's Office: Before and After

Well, it took about a month of work and lots of hours, but we are finally finished with Daniel's office and he has now officially started as of this week! It was a lot of fun (and kind of expensive), transforming this space from a plain white room to the office it is now. Of course, we owe credit to Shannon Roehr as well (okay...and you too, Andrew), as she spent lots of hours helping out with ideas and purchases (Andrew helped with the back-breaking work). Anyway, I know that those of you out of state will never get a chance to see it, so this post is for you :)